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Paxton Jewelry & Buckles is an artist & family owned and operated jewelry design business
specializing in sterling silver h
and carved and hand cast jewelry, sculpted yellow brass and sterling silver
belt buckles and fine handmade
leather accessories. Our jewelry consist of pendants, charms, money clips, rings,
key chains, tie tacks, lapel pins, belt buckles
and more. With over 20 years of experience as a professional artist
and jewelry designer, Paxton Mobley's handmade sterling silver jewelry designs and sculpted belt buckles hold an
artistry and uniqueness that is clearly visible in his product line. We invite you to see for yourself why we think
Paxton Jewelry & Buckles creates wearable works of art that will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment.

We look forward to you browsing Paxton's jewelry line.

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Paxton Jewelry, Belt Buckles & Leather Accessories

You have come to the right place if you are looking for fine art designer hand carved & cast sterling silver unique jewelry designs, original sculpted solid sterling silver belt buckles & yellow brass belt buckles, or high quality hand crafted leather belt buckle straps and leather accessories. Paxton Jewelry and Buckles was founded by artist and designer Paxton Mobley. A professional artist by trade known for his dream inspired surrealistic and fantasy original oil paintings and sculpture, Paxton was inspired to begin using his artistic skills to design, sculpt and carve fine art cast sterling silver jewelry and sterling silver belt buckles in 2009. Just like his original art, each hand carved and cast jewelry or buckle design is created with a passion for detail, precision and form, progressing through many steps of refinement until the final design is cast into a sterling silver or brass.

Paxton Jewelry and Buckles offers an extensive and uniquely beautiful line of original sterling silver handmade cast jewelry created by Paxton. This unique line of original hand carved designer jewelry is inspired from Paxton's original sketched drawings. Some of Paxton's jewelry designs are hand carved and cast sterling silver pendants, hand carved and cast sterling silver necklaces, hand carved and cast sterling silver bracelets and earrings and many other fine art handmade products. The jewelry designs are inspired by, scorpion, eagle head, snake, frog, bat, horse, skull, and dragon designs in pendants, rings, necklaces, earrings, money clips, and bracelets made and cast in sterling silver. We take pride in the workmanship of all Paxton's original cast belt buckles and cast jewelry designs and offer a one year limited warranty on all our products. All of Paxton's jewelry comes hand signed on the backside and packaged in a gift box with a velvety storage bag.

To complement Paxton's high quality line of sterling silver jewelry he offers a line of cast brass & sterling silver belt buckles made up of animal and wildlife belt buckles, marine and ocean belt buckles, bug and insect belt buckles, bird belt buckles, flower belt buckles and many other artistic rendered cast belt buckles. Right now a majority of Paxton’s belt buckle designs are based on animal and wildlife sterling silver or brass belt buckles.

In keeping within the fine art tradition, each brass or sterling silver belt buckle is stamped signed (sterling silver buckles also come numbered) to preserve its originality, providing the customer with a valuable work of wearable art. While like Paxton’s artwork, his original cast belt buckles designs are dominated by animal and wildlife belt buckles, his work is expanding to include sport belt buckles and scene belt buckles along side the cast animal and wildlife brass and sterling silver belt buckles.

Paxton also offers custom designed sterling silver or brass belt buckles. The cost of a custom belt buckle will depend on the design and whether it will be an exclusive custom belt buckle or a custom belt buckle design we will be able to sell and market on his website. If you think you would like to commission Paxton to design a custom belt buckle please don't hesitate to contact us.

Alongside Paxton's original belt buckles he also offers high quality custom genuine leather belt straps to purchase with your belt buckles. Paxton's genuine English Bridal leather belt buckle straps are of his own custom handmade design exclusive to his website. We currently offer Paxton's high quality custom belt buckle straps in 3 beautiful colors, black, chocolate and brown. All Paxton's leather belt straps come stamped with the Paxton Jewelry & Buckles logo and hand signed on the back. By purchasing one of Paxton's leather belt buckle straps, you will be purchasing a unique handmade custom strap to go with your white bronze, brass or sterling silver buckle made exclusively in the USA. Paxton's custom belt buckle straps are ready for purchase!

If you are a wholesaler looking to carry wholesale sterling silver, white bronze or brass belt buckles or handmade jewelry please contact us or visit our wholesale belt buckle section of our web site for more information. Once you have been given wholesale status you will be able to purchase Paxton's cast brass and sterling silver belt buckles right from his web site at the wholesale price.

A artist owned and operated business, Paxton offers his customers high quality, hand-crafted, original handmade yellow brass and sterling silver cast belt buckles and jewelry designs backed by over 19 years of experience as an artist and sculptor. When you choose to acquire one of his designs, you will acquire a valuable work of wearable art, the exquisite beauty of which is only surpassed by its superb quality. Whether you are interested in animal and wildlife belt buckles cast in sterling silver or brass, fine hand crafted cast sterling silver jewelry consisting of pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, money clips, charms, and keychains, or fine genuine leather belt buckle straps, we think you will enjoy browsing the website here at Paxton Jewelry & Buckles. Thank you for visiting and please contact us if you have any questions at all!

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An example of one of Paxton's hand crafted belt buckle designs.

Cast Sterling Silver Scorpion Belt Buckle